Keep your sales and marketing on the same page.

Zoho CRM helps your marketing team run campaigns, qualify leads, and pass them off to sales. Use CRM to get your marketing and sales teams working together.

Jumpstart your marketing campaigns.

Whether you’re exhibiting at a trade show or hosting a customer conference, you’ll want a place to plan ahead and keep your team organized. Set budgets, assign ownerships to tasks, and measure the success of campaigns—all from Zoho CRM.

Nurture your leads with email campaigns.

Create email campaigns inviting prospects to visit your trade show booths, and schedule your follow-up emails using advanced email marketing (powered by Zoho Campaigns). You can keep track of your email open rate, click rate, and bounce rate. After events are over, move your new leads through your sales funnel using drip campaigns.

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Identify where your leads are coming from.

Build web-to-lead forms for your landing pages using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Capture information about attendees and use CRM to keep track of which events your leads have attended.

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No more fish bowls.

Returning from a trade show with a fish bowl full of business cards can be a chore. By the time you wade through them and manually enter all your leads in CRM, those leads have gone cold. The Leads app lets you scan business cards with your smartphone and automatically import them into CRM. Before a lead even leaves your booth you can send them an automated email thanking them for their time.

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Measure how well your ad campaigns are paying off.

Zoho CRM combines sales data with Google Ads spending so you can figure out which ads help you convert leads to customers. Spend your dollars where they count and get a better return on your investment by targeting advertisements toward your most profitable campaigns.

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Do more with apps you already use.

Zoho CRM works with popular marketing automation software like Zoho Campaigns, Unbounce, ConstantContact, GetResponse, and more.