Streamlined follow-up capabilities for enhanced customer interactions

Strengthen customer engagement with your brand through optimized follow-up flows built using Cadences.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Automate customer follow-ups.
  • Harness multiple follow-up modes.
  • Contextually determine the right target audience.
  • Assess the performance of follow-ups.

Flexibly select target audience

Enroll targets in or remove them from a cadence manually or automatically based on custom view criteria in the chosen module. Handle records both static and dynamic and cater to various segments of your customer base.


Multichannel follow-ups

Leverage multiple modes of communication for follow-ups—such as emails, calls, and tasks—to expand your reach to a wider range of customers through their preferred modes of communication.


Contextually automate follow-up actions

Automate customer follow-ups and meaningfully engage with them throughout your sales cycle. Create sequences of actions built around customers' responses or the outcomes achieved during each follow-up. Save time while staying connected with your customers and building brand engagement.


Automate record removal

Automatically remove records that have reached their desired outcomes so you can focus your efforts on more immediate opportunities.


Analyze your follow-up operations

Measure the effectiveness of your follow-up processes with detailed reports and use these insights to plan relevant strategies and improve customer engagement.