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Zoho CRM | August 23, 2011 | 1 min read

This is a guest post by Robert C. Johnson, CEO of, a cloud based customer support management solution, is excited to announce the completion of a powerful new integration with Zoho CRM.

Once the simple setup is completed, the integration provides for the seamless transfer of select customer and contact information from Zoho CRM directly into TeamSupport.  When new support tickets are created in TeamSupport they are automatically added as notes into Zoho so that the sales team can be kept in the loop on support issues.

The transfer and update of contact names, addresses and phone numbers happens seamlessly in the background with no intervention required by either TeamSupport or Zoho users.  When a Zoho user marks an account as a “Customer” then that data is automatically sent to TeamSupport.

TeamSupport is a powerfully simple customer support software, and our integration with Zoho CRM brings two best of breed solutions together for our mutual customers.  We’re very excited about our integration with Zoho and look forward to a great partnership!

Read more about the TeamSupport – Zoho CRM integration here.

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  1. Brand

    good thinking Zoho!

  2. rickrherbert

    Once again, a post via Zoho in relation to a products that looks to be able to contend by using one of their particular – including GitHub to get bugs and Plug pertaining to estimates.

  3. Ian Wenig

    RBr,We want our customers to have the choice of solutions they work with – by announcing such integrations, we are also communicating to our partners’ customers that we have great solutions as well
    Thanks for your post

  4. RBr

    Once again, a post from Zoho about a product that seems to compete with one of their own – like GitHub for bugs and Socket for quotes.Not sure what Zoho expects their users to focus on, but I think that if they have a feature/module, they would want the user to stay in the Zoho “system”.