Every day, we talk to thousands of customers by phone, email, chat, social media and in person. Of all these, our favorite way to connect is still live and in person . This has always been the main focus of our Zoholics events. You trust your business with Zoho — so we want to hear the good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly moments you may have had using our products.

Naturally, we also want to talk to you to better understand the needs of your business. We’re ready to go back to the drawing board as many times as necessary to create fresh solutions for your sales and marketing teams.

Zoholics: Sales & Marketing

On behalf of the entire Zoho team, I am delighted to invite you to join us for the 3rd annual Zoholics: Sales & Marketing Conference on July 7th-9th, 2014. This will also be the grand opening of our new office complex in Pleasanton, California.

During our three days together, we’ll focus on Zoho CRM, Campaigns, Support, Survey, and LiveDesk. There will be keynotes tailored to give you insights about the world of cloud business software. We’ll also share our approach on how Zoho will work for you in the coming years. There’ll be over 40 jam-packed training sessions, covering every level of user: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. We’ll also showcase several upcoming features and integrations to help keep you ahead of the curve.

Most importantly, we’ve included plenty of time slots for 1-on-1 meetings with members of our team to receive feedback directly from you and make sure you get immediate answers to your questions.

We hope to see you in July!


  1. Emily Roy

    Looking forward to this event!

  2. iain melotte

    I am coming from Australia, how do I get a ticket for this and the one in August25/26?

  3. Craig Peters

    Will there be recordings of these sessions to view afterward? Thanks, Craig

  4. Vincent Douglass

    I am new to Zoho and love the software. I have secured my airfare Phl to SFO and will purchase the admission ticket tonight. I am looking forward to the event assisting me with getting the greatest benefits from myself and the users in my organization. Besides the marketing information I expect to learn, I equally would like to acquire support in the following areas:
    1. integration with Freshbooks (all available solutions and hands on assistance with implementation).
    2. integration with Evernote (all available solutions and hands on assistance with implementation).
    3. integration with my website “Contact Us” form (auto upload to Zoho contacts CRM).
    Will this conference help me in these areas? Phone or chat support is not as helpful for me, I prefer hands on support. If so, when I arrive at the conference, how should I proceed with finding the right source for assistance in these areas?

    • Gopal

      Hello Vincent,

      First off welcome to Zoholics.
      We look forward to meet you in Pleasanton and address any issues you may have with our products.

      Next, I apologize for the inconvenience. Our team will contact you on Monday morning and answer your questions.

      I look forward to meeting you in CA next month.


      • Brian Gray

        Any further thoughts on a Webinar for those of us who can’t make it?

        • Gopal

          Hello Brian Gray,

          Thanks for your interest. Immediately we’ll not publish recorded sessions, but definitely consider sharing some of the videos in our YouTube channel. Please stay tuned with us.


  5. Jeff

    Is there a cost to attend? Do you have any negotiated rates at nearby hotels? Looking forward to coming up for SoCal.

  6. Tommy Nichols

    Hello, since this will not be streamed. Can you create VOD for everyone who can’t attend?

  7. Vleminckx

    Hi, are you planning events in Europe?

    • Gopal

      Hello Vleminckx,

      Thanks for your interest.
      Yes, but not this year. We’ll try to schedule in one of the European cities next year.


    • Brian Gray

      When will your schedule of other events be announced?

  8. Nick

    We are based in the UK, so can’t attend your meeting.
    Will there be any webcasts or similar?

    • Gopal

      Hello Nick,

      Thanks for your interest. Now, we’re not planning to live-stream the event. But will definitely consider in future.


  9. Charles Dietrich

    Looks like a great event. Any plans on something like this in Canada, perhaps Vancouver??

    • Gopal

      Hello Charles,

      Probably, we may have roadshow end of this year. I’ll keep you posted once we have finalized.


  10. Brian Gray

    Would love to see an event like this on the east coast this year! ??

  11. Thad Leingang

    Any one interested in Carpooling from San Jose / Mpts?
    thad (408) 772-2131

  12. dave smith

    I can’t make it to CA. Do you plan on other locations? Or will there be an on-demand of the event. I am interested but have prior commitments.

    • Gopal

      Hello Dave,

      Thanks for your interest!

      Later this year, we may have a few roadshows in some of the cities in US. I’ll keep you posted once we’ve finalized.


  13. Milton Alvarez

    Thank you so much for your invitation.
    Best regards
    Milton Alvarez

    • Gopal

      Hello Milton Alvarez,

      It’s our pleasure. We look forward to meeting you in July!