Visualize your sales data to make data-driven decisions and achieve better sales results

Zoho CRM's Analytics can help you track progress toward goals, make decisions, adjust compensation, award bonuses and incentives, and identify issues before they become large problems.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Sales representatives can measure their progress toward goals and plan their follow-up activities.
  • Sales managers can assess how their team is doing and keep track of individuals' performance comparisons.
  • Business owners can keep track of their business' health or identify what aspect of their operations needs additional focus.
  • Pipeline
  • Deal
  • ROI
  • Activity tracking
  • Daily Insights
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Forecast reports
  • Post-sales analytics

Identify your sales potential

Identify areas of growth by comparing conversion rates across different regions, sources, and even individual sales reps.


Optimize your sales funnel

Visualize how your leads move through your sales funnel by defining different pipeline stages. Identify where your leads are dropping off, and apply relevant strategies to fix them.


Zero in on neglected deals

Keep your finger on the pulse of your high quality deals. Follow their progress and take action when there's diminishing activity.


Correlate spikes or dips in your sales 

Has there been a dip in the amount of deals you're generating every week? Correlate spikes or dips in your sales data without waiting for periodic reports to improve allocation of resources and zero in on neglected opportunities.


Effectively measure your marketing ROI

Track your marketing campaigns and event spends from click-to-cash, and see the numbers behind your marketing spend.


Optimize campaigns to improve performance

Visualize campaign performance and gain insights in real-time. Know when to increase or decrease your marketing spend.


Get your team up to speed 

Identify the best performers in your sales team by tracking them across various parameters—from average conversion time to rep-specific deal history. Track the live chats answered this month, check-ins by individual salespeople, and even lead conversion numbers across different lead owners.


Foster healthy competition

Give your entire team visibility into who's chasing big accounts, crushing quotas, and sealing deals.


Daily insights

As a sales manager, you have a lot on your hands at any given time. Zoho CRM Analytics helps you keep yourself informed of the general sales health of your organization by keeping the indicators you frequently track at your fingertips. Just a glance through these reports can give you an idea of your overall sales team's performance.


Executive dashboards

Consolidate the performance metrics of all your departments, and let your executives stay on top of changes without taking a lot of time out of their busy routines. The metrics in the executive reporting dashboard act as the starting point for conversations and an easy way to understand the present, look back at the past, and project for the future.


Forecast reports

As a sales rep, in order to reach your monthly targets it is important to focus on how much you have sold already, as well as the number of sales opportunities that are still available. At the same time, you want to look into the future to make sure you have enough qualified leads to work with for the next month.


Post-sales analytics 

Use Zoho CRM’s analytics to help your customers derive more value out of their purchases and make their lives easier. Start by identifying your frequent purchasers, top spenders, and top brand interactors. These create opportunities for you to add more value by cross-selling and upselling.

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