Define your workflow.

  • Choose from over 32 different field types to collect data through forms. Auto-populate fields, perform validation and use logic to build a foolproof form.
  • Visualize your workflow and trigger a set of actions based on how and when a user interacts with your application. 
  • Use the drag-and-drop script builder to perform calculations and execute complex business tasks.

Get productive with automatic processes.

  • Configure multi-level approvals for any process.
  • Stay on top of your work with notifications about updates or any process deviations.
  • Schedule tasks and send reports, event invitations, and reminders on time.

Share the right data with the right people.

  • Group users into roles and assign permissions so they can see only what they need to.
  • Refer to record audits to see who's edited your data and keep track of changes made to your application.
  • Maintain dedicated portals for your customers and allow them to log in and access their information.

Check how your team is doing.

  • Publish your workflows, and test if they work as you want them to.
  • Create reports that help you identify bottlenecks and improve your team's performance.
  • Combine reports in a dashboard so you can narrow down to specific information.

"Zoho Creator automated a ton of our processes and made our lives a lot simpler."


Make your workflows work faster.

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