Quickly build your winery application

The intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes app-building smooth sailing. Winemakers can do a lot in Creator, even with zero coding skills. Build custom applications to efficiently manage all your processes, from the production of grapes to the bottling of wines.

  • Drag-and-drop fields to create order forms
  • Ensure error-free data entry through validation
  • Add logic to your work order forms
  • Share your application with co-workers
Quickly build your winery apps

Automate your daily winery processes

Automate repetitive tasks and simplify your work. Carry out regular processes through automated notifications and reminders set on assigned work orders.

  • Schedule alerts for shipments
  • Notify customers of their order status
  • Instantly remind distributors on process deviation
  • Set reminders for wine-aging process
Automate your daily winery processes

Build powerful reports and visualize your winery data

Zoho Creator provides customized and flexible reporting for every stage of the wine-making process. Visualize your data in easy-to-comprehend charts to arrive at important business decisions.

  • Analyze total producing area by wine variety
  • View inventory history at anytime
  • Track your daily sales summary
  • Analyze sales distribution across regions
Automate your daily winery processes

Perform winery operations from your palm

You can access or update your data from your Android or iOS devices. Instantly collaborate and communicate with your team and customers in real time.

  • Create and assign work orders on the go
  • Track orders and process shipments
  • Perform real-time barrel management
  • Send emails to club members
Automate your daily winery processes