Hassle Free. Low Cost. Zero Infrastructure Platform

Zoho Creator is a powerful, scalable, and secure cloud computing platform that lets you develop and run database applications without any infrastructure costs. Zoho Creator platform offers the complete life cycle of development and delivery of applications over the web. With user friendly drag-and-drop tools, you can build your apps like a pro without coding knowledge and deploy them to your end-users immediately. You don't need any software to install or servers to buy and maintain.

  • Zero Infrastructure

    With Zoho Creator you don't have to buy any hardware or software. With access to Internet, you can create apps anywhere, anytime using just a web browser.

  • "Imagine FileMaker,
    but for the web"

    Joshua Herzig-Marx

  • Low Cost and Free Version

    Zoho Creator is priced very affordably at $10/user/month. Zoho Creator also offers a free version with all basic features. See pricing plan

  • Easy and Quick Development

    • Drag-and-Drop HTML Form Builder - Zoho Creator platform offers highly intuitive interface to build forms (tables) without coding
    • Import Spreadsheet - Import data from your XLS, CSV and TSV files through simple copy/paste. Why should you opt out of Spreadsheet?
    • Import MS Access Database - Download a simple migration tool and import your .mdf file in minutes. Why migrate from MS Access?

  • Secured Application Hosting

    Zoho Creator platfrom provides highly available, scalable and secure hosting infrastructure. All Zoho Creator applications and the informations within the application are remotely stored and hosted on Zoho web servers, which are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We employ industry-standard practices like SSL encryption, around-the-clock security of our data center, back-up and recovery systems. Refer the Zoho FAQ section for more info.

  • Workflow and Business Rules

    Zoho Creator incorporated with Deluge Script, a innovative and easy-to-use programming language that lets users to create powerful database apps quickly. Deluge Script makes it easy to design business workflows and perform a variety of automated actions based on the criteria specified.

  • In-built Scripting Language

    Deluge Script (Data Enriched Language for the Universal Grid Environment) is an online scripting language which is integrated with Zoho Creator. Deluge Script's user-friendly syntax makes it easy to add powerful and custom workflows like - sending notifications, validation of form data, processing of form data on submission, adding new records, modifying and deleting existing records, defining custom functions, creating mashups etc...

    The elegance of Deluge Script syntax is that you will only speak in terms of forms and fields as the entire database layer is abstracted. No compilation, changes are made instantaneously and Deluge Script is driven by a powerful relational data model underneath.

    On Validate
         if  (IsHomeDelivery  &&   OrderAmount  <  300)
         alert  ("Minimum home delivery amount is 300");
         cancel submit;

  • Highly Customizable

    Zoho Creator is highly customizable right out of the box with a host of settings like - Modify form structure, Set email notification, Modify form properties, View data in multiple formats, Hide/Show columns, Set criteria, Set filters, Set access permissions, Customize Look & Feel and much more...

  • "Zoho Creator saved me thousands of dollars to have someone else make the databases"
  • Integration with Web Services

    Zoho Creator provides REST APIs and RPC style APIs that allows external websites to collaborate with Zoho Creator database applications. Users can build their web application in PHP, JSP, ASP, Perl or on any other programming language and store data in Zoho Creator. Zoho Creator API

  • Collaboration

    Zoho Creator platform provides options to share application with specific users or with anyone on the Internet. Zoho Creator provides 3 levels of private sharing

    • Share the entire application
    • Share a particular tab/page
    • Share at the granular level ie., ability to share a specific Form/View.

    Zoho Creator also lets you to dynamically share or unshare using Deluge Scipt. Last, but not least Zoho Creator allows you to embed form/view into your website.