How customers used Zoho Creator in 2019

We started the year with the promise of providing businesses and web app creators with a powerful, feature-rich low-code development platform to streamline their custom solutions needs. With 2019 having come to a close, here’s a quick look back at how our customers used Zoho Creator:

What is Zoho Creator?

Impressive accolades

Thanks to you, we also had some notable achievements this year:

Simon Lamarche

We also won a silver award in the low-code category at  Vogel IT-Medien GmbH's Dev-Insider Awards in Germany.

A step closer to the perfect user experience

One of the major milestones of 2019 was all the new feature releases and major enhancements implemented. We were busy crafting new capabilities, fine-tuning our product, pushing our boundaries, and challenging ourselves to make every user more efficient.

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New features

  • Time field and 12-hour format
  • Search elements in pages
  • AI fields
  • AI Deluge tasks
  • Schema Builder


  • Interactivity in reference-listing pop-ups 
  • Address and Location fields
  • Domain restriction
  • Siri shortcuts in the Creator iOS app & more

Zia updates

  • Zia-powered smart data import
  • Zia-powered data cleansing capabilities 
  • App-like spreadsheet import interface 
  • Zia Search interface

A look back at our events

We travelled around the world to see you, meeting product experts, leaders, influencers, partners, analysts, designers, customers, and peers from the industry, along the way. These interactions with Zoho Creator users is what keeps us exploring, understanding, and learning.

  • Training events
  • Boutique events
  • Overall attendeesk+
  • Third-party events
  • Zoholics

What people said about Creator

We couldn’t be more grateful for the reviews and feedback we got in 2019. This year, we topped the rankings on several review aggregators—all based on feedback from our customers.

What people said about Creator
What people said about Creator