Legacy systems don't always fall perfectly into place for a company-wide digital transformation. The more a technology is democratized, the more easily it can be leveraged. If you're looking for a solution with a short learning curve, powerful backend, and easy maintenance, then a low-code solution may be perfect for your company. Zoho Creator enables citizen developers across the world to build and deploy world-class applications across their organizations.

In this session, we bring to you the story of Anand and Anand—one of India's oldest and largest intellectual property (IP) law firms. The firm advises some of the world’s leading companies and institutions on matters relating to the protection of their IP.

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • The all-in-one approach of cloud-based systems that made remote work a lot easier for Anand and Anand
  • The importance of mental well-being and how using a low-code platform helped boost morale
  • How Anand and Anand employed organization-wide citizen development drills with Zoho Creator

Featured speakers


Rajiv Maheshwari CEO, Anand and Anand


Akhilesh Balakrishnan Customer Experience Lead, Zoho Creator