The topic for our fourth episode of Tech Table Talks is "Reshaping manufacturing with low-code platforms," featuring two key industry players with diverse business models, and how they stepped up their automation game.

Running a manufacturing facility comes with a lot of complexity that needs to be managed in order to remain profitable. Whether it’s keeping up with market trends or operating multiple productions runs simultaneously, you need an effective and flexible control mechanism that can account for change.

Although transformation needs more than just tools, they are a key factor in kickstarting a successful journey, which is why many manufacturers are investing in low-code solutions to remodel their production operations.

Featured speakers


Mehmet Ozkan Proprietor, Ozelia


Rauf Jamal Solution Expert, Zoho


Amanda Tighe Project Manager, Saint Gobain


Swetha Lakshmi Customer Experience Lead,
Zoho Creator

Join us and we'll show you how low-code enables you to:

  • Build custom solutions to fit the processes that make your businesses unique
  • Increase inventory accuracy and traceability
  • Streamline data handling throughout the value chain
  • Reduce waste and minimize returns
  • Automate your after-sales followup process