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    Asset monitoring, a step ahead of the curve

    Automatic tracking avoids asset failure by gathering metrics and predicting risks. With an enterprise-grade alert system, you’ll receive contextual and in-depth analyses that help decrease downtime significantly. Predictive data identifies low-performing assets, weeds out waste, and optimizes energy consumption.


    Smart grid monitoring, metering, and lighting

    Zoho Creator absolves you of massive power grids. From electricity generation all the way through consumption, our system monitors every detail of every complex electrical grid, in real time. To ensure maximum safety for your grid infrastructure, we oversee load balancing, light monitoring, energy metering, and fault detections sending instant updates whenever relevant.


    Stellar stakeholder experience

    Enable self-service portals for customers and vendors; break free from phone calls and manual email communication. Whether your stakeholders prefer the web or your custom mobile apps, we’ll automate them all—from managing tickets and collecting feedback to distributing workload, sending reminders, and even billing and invoicing.


    Exceptional network management and enhanced efficiency

    We understand how critical an outage and distribution management system is for you. That’s why we’ve spent years engineering a solution that ensures precise device communication, along with extensive insights on asset health, performance, and service sustainability.


    Excellence in field service and administration

    Our all-in-one facility management suite is fully equipped to handle role-based user permissions, granting you the autonomy to define who in your organization should use and edit your apps, based on their hierarchy and location.

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