The Way IT Should Be

Digital transformation is a reality that every organization has to deal with. Going the traditional way might take you there, but how much money will it take? Fast-forward digital transformation using the power of low-code development.

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Disrupting the status quo:

The way IT is

The status quo:

Companies use code optimization to make efficient software. But there's a limit to what you can achieve with this strategy, considering the time, effort, and money it takes. Think about the IT backlogs that are piling up even as you read this. 

The way IT should be

The disruption:

The solution to this is low-code development. Requiring less coding  saves time, human resources, and money. The time has come to disrupt your app development strategy. It's time to try Zoho's own low-code platform.

Rid yourself of IT backlogs like the following brands!

  • Tesla
  • Adobe
  • Suzuki
  • Kaiser
  • Dolby
  • Cisco
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Making leaner software catalogs: 

The way IT is

A fat and faulty system: 

Pre-built software can only do so much when it comes to custom requirements, even after all the time you put into carefully choosing the right software and implementing it. You'll probably have to invest more resources in order to tweak it to your needs, if there's an option to do so. Otherwise you'll have to make do with an excel sheet or look for another solution to fill that gap. 

The way IT should be

A lean and low-code system:

Low-code platforms let you build all the apps you want, the way you want them and in the least possible time. Make your software catalog lean and easily manageable—bring all the solutions you need under one platform. Zoho Creator is one solution that serves all your software requirements.

Accelerating development: 

Abstraction makes life easy.

Low-code platforms provide optimized code which is abstracted, cutting down on work. You can prototype an idea in a matter of hours and evaluate its feasibility. Zoho Creator lets you develop and deliver apps for processes big and small in your organization in one-tenth the usual time. 

Easier learning curve.

Build front-end using a visual builder and design app logic using our own scripting language, Deluge. There's no need to learn a tonof programming languages and get used to all their frameworks anymore. Deluge is a scripting language designed for easy use and powerful results.

Extending solutions:

ROI on your existing systems need not be affected if you go the low-code way. Our platform can integrate with legacy systems on-premise or in the cloud using our SOAP and REST APIs. If you are looking to move to a totally new system, then we have the migration tools ready for you.

Embrace efficiency, Embrace low code.

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