StackCommerce + Zoho Creator

Build. Integrate. Extend.

Zoho Creator is a low-code platform helps you build and deploy custom business applications in a quick, secure, and seamless manner—regardless of the complexity of your requirements and coding expertise.

With these wallet credits (worth $240), you can only purchase an annual subscription to Creator's premium plan premium plan or any lower edition. You can also make the switch to a higher edition, if you are an existing Zoho Creator customer.

How to complete purchase in 3 simple steps?

  • Step 1

    If you are an existing user of Zoho, log in to your current Zoho product (or) If you are a new user to Zoho, then fill the form provided above to proceed with registration.

  • Step 2

    After logging in / registering, access your Zoho subscription page to view your credits.  

  • Step 3

    You can complete the purchase to an annual subscription of Creator's premium plan or any lower plan using your wallet credits in the payment page.You can upgrade to a higher edition if you are an existing Creator customer.


  • I am new to Zoho. Am I eligible to use the credits for any Zoho app purchase?

    These wallet credits can be used for the purchase of Zoho Creator subscriptions alone.

  • How much are these credits worth and what can I purchase with it?

    The credits are worth $240. You can use these only to purchase an annual subscription to Creator's premium plan or any lower edition. You can also use these to purchase monthly plans to Creator's paid plans.

  • I am an existing Zoho customer. How can I make use of these credits?

    The credits can only be used to purchase / upgrade your Zoho Creator subscription. If you are an existing paid subscriber to Zoho Creator you can use these credits to upgrade to a higher edition. If you are an existing customer of any other Zoho app, you can use these credits to buy an annual subscription to Zoho Creator's premium plan or a lower edition.

  • What happens to my credits if I cancel my subscription and initiate a for refund?

    Cancellation of a subscription procured using these wallet credits will lead to a lapse of all unused credits.

  • Who can use these credits to complete purchase?

    Only the rightful credit owner, i.e. the user who purchased the subscription through StackCommerce in exchange for the voucher code, would be able to complete purchase. Once a voucher code is redeemed, it cannot be re-used to complete another purchase.

  • Can I share my voucher code with another user before registering?

    You can share the voucher code with anyone as per your discretion to complete registration. However, once the voucher code is redeemeed, it cannot be re-used. Neither Zoho Corporation nor StackCommerce can be held responsible in the case you share the voucher code unintentionally with anyone.

  • Can I transfer my wallet credits to another user after completing registration?

    Yes. It can be transferred between users as long as it is within the same organization (same domain) and country. For transfer of credits, it's mandatory for customers to raise a request at, with in cc.

  • What can Zoho One customer use the credits for, if any?

    Existing Zoho One customers can write to for changing wallet credit type, in order to procure any other Zoho app that is not already a part of Zoho One.

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