Harness the
power of the cloud

  • Instantaneous versioning

    The Zoho Creator platform automatically creates and stores versions of data every time it's changed. If you want to retrieve something you accidentally deleted, or compare against a previous entry, you can just go back and choose the version you want to inspect or restore.

  • Centralized, secure data storage

    Got data scattered across dozens of spreadsheets? Bring it all together, and keep it protected with end-to-end encryption, courtesy of the cloud.

  • Collaboration made safe and easy

    Share data directly over the cloud without resorting to emails, and keep it safe by setting role-based access controls.


Shallow learning
curve-deep feature set


    Structured data entry

    Stop scrolling through endless rows and columns just to make an entry. When you use Forms with pre-defined fields to collect and collate data, you'll never have to go searching for the correct cell again.


    Validation at every step

    Put an end to manual errors. Built-in data validation takes effect as soon as you define fields. Once that's done, you can even set varied criteria and refine filters to further structure data.


    Engaging and informative reports

    Track all your reports from a single dashboard, with a range of views—list, spreadsheet, Kanban, and summary—and visualizations, like pivot charts, graphs, and tables.


    Ubiquitous automation

    Send emails, schedule reminders, update statuses, and a lot more, without lifting a finger. With mundane tasks off your hands, you can focus on the more important aspects of running your business.


    Extensive integrations

    Your database is automatically synced with other Zoho products like CRM and Books, and you can easily integrate with all your favorite third-party apps.


    Mobile-ready features

    Every app you build on the web is natively available on mobile and tablet. You can customize your app's layout to your device's screen, and take advantage of exclusive features like customized gestures, bar-code scanning, and geofencing.

Migrate to the best database application in town

If you need help with the migration, or with Zoho Creator, you can email us at ask@zohocreator.com.

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