Custom business solutions to increase your productivity!

Gain competitive advantage with ready-to-use Zoho Creator database solutions designed to meet wide array of your business needs. Install these ready made apps into your account for free!

Database Solutions
for Small Business

Manage your business contacts, organize products and more... with our web-based database solutions.

  • CRM

    CRM helps you to centralize all your customers information and streamline the business processes to increase your productivity.

  • Project Manager

    Project Management helps you to create project plan, manage resources and reduce risk.Customized project dashboard will show you at a glance, whether your projects are on time.

  • IT Asset Manager

    Offers you to track and view all your IT assets and manage your machines in a efficient way

  • Issue Manager

    IssueManager helps you track issues, bugs and tasks in your organization's software development.

  • Employee Manager

    Employee Manager helps HR professionals to manage all employee related data in one place. It reduces the burden of HR personals by allowing the employees to add/edit their own data.

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Database Solutions
for Education

Track grants, manage admission, library
and more... with our web-based database solutions

  • Assignment Tracker

    Assignment Tracker is a great online application for students to keep record of their assignments and classes. It has great features like time management and course lists.

  • Library Manager

    Library Manager can help you keep track of large amounts of books. Books can be arranged and easily managed. Users can search for books. Admin can track books by Book History

  • Student Information

    Lets you create a new course curriculum, add students,conduct test and track their records.

  • Training Manager

    The training management system will help you create effective student training and development programs in your school.

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Database Solutions
for Non-Profits

Manage your fundraising, programs, track volunteer and more... with our web-based database solutions

  • Volunteer Registration

    Volunteer registration helps your organization to identify the individuals who are interested in serving their communities during a disaster.

  • Donor Manager

    Donor Management offers you a simple way to manage relationships with donors and prospective donors to your fund raising campaign.

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