Sergio Galiano


Zoho really helps out us in order to build our business since 2017. We started with a very small app and right now Zoho Creator is literally running our business. Zoho is not only and app its a human team. In my last months working with zoho I have been supported by an incredible team of experts in the support team. Specially thanks to Asher Francis Correya that stood by our side in the migration process.

Robert Oldershaw

Director, Oldershaw Group UK.

We use Zoho Creator extensively in our business. It is extremely versatile and allows us to build exactly what we need, when we need it without having to wait for developers.

Paddy Purcell

Owner, ABC Accounts.

I love Zoho Creator and the team. It has helped my business run smoothly for many years. It calendars all the work I and my team need to do, keeps a record and also tracks the time we spend on each client and what tasks time was spent on. The Zoho team are very helpful.

Andrew gee

Owner, Phillips Draperies.

Zoho creator enables me to go from concept to completion in record time. It is especially suited for simple work flow, but I find that if I invest some programming time, it can handle complex work flow as well. I look forward to playing with the AI feature.

Muhammad Naqash

Software Developer, Uniestate Properties.

Best service for backend code side but visual side is limited and need to be updated.

John Hilvert

Software Developer, The Help Centre

Creator has a lot of hidden power and smarts. Some of its functionality is over shadowed by its menu icons/mouse over that can add to the learning curve. It's worth going through its tutorials well before developing your first application. Highly recommended.

Liam Velez

Marketing & Communications Manager, AEA Consulting

Zoho Creator helped our organization build our database of clients and projects. It was effective for our business.

Mimi Ramos

Executive Director, New England United 4 Justice (NEU4J)

This database has allowed us the flexibility in getting creative, staying organized and having tools that are simple and easy to use. We have been with the ZOHO team for 11 years and continue to explore the creativity of data, tracking and organizing using this tool. THANK YOU ZOHO Team

Tushar Murugkar

Manager, Agrocel Industries Pvt Ltd

This is a very good system created by Zoho. We are able to create apps as per our needs and also distribute users accordingly

Miriam Makhyoun

Chief Executive Officer, EQ Research

Zoho Creator has helped my company to deliver on-demand access to organizations interested in energy policy. The support team is quick and responsive and the service is highly-customizable and agile.

Navin Pandey

IT Manager, Skoda Auto Volkswagen Pvt. Ltd.

Zoho Creator Platform are helping us for digital journey and automation for couple of projects which further gives confidence to explore and utilize the platform for other module or Projects. I summarize as very handy, flexible with one-click scalability feature.

Roger T


We've used the Zoho Creator product platform since 2015 and think it's terrific! Very reliable, responsive on PC and smartphone this customisable online database allows us to easily share data/pdfs/jpgs on the road and allow easy updates. Great value for money too! keep up the good work Zoholites!

Robert Kenmore

Founder & Sole Proprietor,Intangible Coin LLC

I didn't use as much of the product as much as I wanted, but I liked what I did use. Also, I like the company behind the product, always a bonus!

Steve Davis

Independent ICT Professional,

Great support, very helpful.

Aaron Lange

Managing Director, Candella

Cuts down development time and costs by a big margin, and less technical users can do some of the development work. We use Creator to automate some otherwise labour-intensive workflows.

Humberto Cherritte

Director of Financial Planning & Analysis, J&L Cable TV Services Inc.

The Support group is phenomenal, the help come withing the minutes of the request.

Chris Chan

Information Technology Manager, Vang Iek Group, Hong Kong

We have been using Zoho Creator since 2016. The low code and intuitive environment greatly shortened the time in learning and building an application. The built-in user management eases the headache of assigning access permission to different role. As a modern platform, apps for tablet and smartphone are already in places which bring unlimited possibility to our business process improvement. We cannot find any other platform in the market that match up to Zoho Creator.

B. Hadley

Webmaster, Mississippi State Guard

Absolutely amazing handling my account subscription. Helped negotiate my plan to suit my business needs.

Rashika Chauhan

Business Analyst, WCube Solutions

It is very agile and user friendly.

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