Legal Case Management

Overview of the Legal Case Management app

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The Legal Case Management App is created with the intention of making legal case management process efficient and comprehensive. You will be able to collect and store all the details related to your clients and cases, manage your workforce, streamline and track the case flow end-to-end, and make data-driven decisions. This app is equipped to trigger notifications, compile data into a dashboard, and maintain all your documents.

Install the app

You can install the app from three locations:

Once you install, the app will be set up and ready to use. You can explore the modules in the app, tweak the app to accommodate use cases specific to your business, and add and view data. You can also add users and define roles and permissions such as add, modify, delete, and view data, and map the users to the permissions defined, thus allowing them with limited or full access to your app.

Modules in the app

Dashboard - The dashboard is built using the Pages component and gives a comprehensive view of the number of lawyers, closed cases, ongoing cases, types of cases, case hearings and results, and the hearing schedule that lies ahead.

Cases - Add Case form enables you or your lawyer to capture and store case-related data. Each form will hold one case and the information relevant to the case. There are multiple reports based on this form. You will be able to view all the cases, pending cases, and history of the cases.

Lawyers - Add Lawyer form enables you or your lawyer to enter and store details of the lawyers associated with your firm. This will include lawyer's personal and official details and payment details. You will be able to view the data in the report.

People - Add People form captures and stores information on the people who are associated with your firm with regard to your cases. This will include client details, opposing client information, and case witness details. You can view all three categories as separate reports.

Documents - Add Document helps you or your lawyer upload files relating to each case and associate them with the respective cases and the lawyer handling them.

Case Points - Add Case point forms helps you or your lawyer make entries of case points that will be relevant and significant to the case. By storing this information you can maintain a record of all the case points for future reference.

Hearing Details - Add Hearing Date form allows you or your lawyer to enter hearing dates for each case. A calendar report, based on this form, provides you with a calendar view of the hearing dates. You can toggle between month, week, and day views in the calendar. There are also other reports that display upcoming hearings and hearing history.

Tasks - Add Task allows you or your lawyer to log in your tasks that are associated with the cases that you are handling. This enables you to maintain and track completed and pending tasks.

Settings - Settings module has reports that display the organization-level information with details of case types, judges, and courts.


The app incorporates automations to make your process smooth and well-defined. The app houses workflows to hide/show and enable/disable certain fields in the forms, automatic update of status of cases or hearings based on inputs in relevant form fields, and success notifications when a new record is added (Example: When a New Lawyer is added, on submission of the record, an email notification is triggered.)

Share your app

You can share this app to the users within your organization and with your clients. You can define roles and permissions for your users, so that users with specific roles have specific levels of access to the components in the app. Please click here to learn how to share your app.

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