Collaborate Effectively With Your Team, Clients And Others.

Deluge Script, the online scripting language integrated with Zoho Creator enables you to add logics to your application incrementally , making it more powerful and robust. User friendly 'Script Builder' lets you to add scripts with simple drag-n-drop.

You can collaborate your application in two ways:
  • Collaborate with specific users

    You can easily share your online database application with your friends, collegues, managers and clients by specifying their email addressess. You can invite them to collaborate while maintaining control of what information each individuals can see. You can also set privileges for your users to add, edit or simply view it.

  • Zoho Creator's online collaboration feature offers the flexibility to share your application at three different levels:
    • Application Level Sharing : Users shared at this level will have access to all the forms and views in the application.
    • Page Level sharing : Users shared at this level will have access to the forms and views aranged in this page.
    • Form /View Level sharing: Users shared at this level will have access only to the specific form/view.
  • Collaborate with anyone on the internet:

    Imagine you have created a Zoho Creator application to track details about the interested blood donars in different regions of United States. How can you share your application with the ones whom you don't know the email address?

    With Zoho Creator's online collaboration, you can easily open-up application access to include anyone on the Internet by making your application as "Public". And if you are running a website or a blog, Zoho Creator help's you to get the extra mileage by embedding the Web Forms right into your website. So it makes easy for your website visitors to fill in their data with no hassle.