Discover the possibilities to simplify your order management.

Optimize stock levels.

Maintain accurate inventory levels to avoid stock-outs.

Synchronize multi-channel sales.

Manage inventory and orders across all sales channels.

Evaluate cash flows.

Access real-time data to keep track of expenses.

Manage multiple warehouses.

Track inventory across all locations on a single platform.

Set up an ordering portal.

Provide your customers with an easy-to-use ordering portal.

Monitor purchase orders.

Create purchase orders, invoices, and update your stocks instantly.


    "We could efficiently manage our orders, stocks, customers and cashflows with custom applications built on Zoho Creator."

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Make order management effortless.

Managing orders should be an end-to-end process; Zoho Creator makes it one.

  • Quickly create purchase orders
  • Send customized invoices to customer
  • Track and accept payments online
  • Update inventory as orders get dispatched

Stay in control of your inventory.

Build custom applications to keep track of your stocks in real time whenever a sale happens.

  • Maintain accurate stock levels
  • Access inventory data in real time
  • Track inventory in multiple locations
  • Sort inventory based on product variants

Collaborate seamlessly on mobile devices.

In just a click, you can place or receive orders from vendors and customers on your Android or iOS devices.

  • Easily track orders and shipments
  • Send purchase orders on-the-go
  • Scan Barcode and update inventory
  • Customize your push notifications

Create custom order reports and charts.

Create custom reports and charts to keep track of your expenses, inventory, and sales; and view them all in a comprehensive dashboard for easy data analysis.

  • Create product drill-down reports
  • Identify order trends to meet demand variations
  • Analyze sales across multiple channels
  • Prepare sales forecast reports

Automate inventory and order updates.

With automatic alerts to your inventory and order transactions, fulfill orders as promised and ensure that you are never out of stock or under stocked.

  • Schedule re-order point alerts
  • Notify customers on order status
  • Automatically update stock inventory
  • Schedule delivery for regular orders

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