It takes a lot to make the world a better place, and nobody knows it better than you. Things come to a quandary—people are disconnected, funds are limited, and communications are broken. Yet, you struggle on with your labor of love.

People like you change the world. We’re here to lend a hand. At Zoho, we make technology accessible to everyone. With the right tools, you can inspire individuals to rally behind your cause, while staying organized and connected.

In the spirit of #GivingTuesday, we’d like to donate our best asset, Zoho Creator—a complete solution for your non-profit.

your dream app

No compromises

You need apps that are unique to your cause. Often, you even need to customize them to suit the campaign you run. In a field of pricy software that doesn't fit, Zoho Creator stands out. It's an easy-to-use platform to build tailored applications. These apps built on Zoho Creator help you collect data, analyze it, and present actionable reports that are accessible from any device. If you'd like a head-start, install any of our template apps and start customizing!

Volunteer Portal

Donor Management

Event Management

Make A Difference

"Zoho Creator is amazing! It has helped us deploy apps that help us communicate with our volunteer network, and gather data in a fast and streamlined process."

- Sanjay Thomas, Director (IT), MAD

Team Everest

"With Zoho Creator, we were able to automate about 80% of our manual work. It's almost a mini NGO-specific CRM that we built using Zoho Creator."

- Karthee Vidya, Founder, Team Everest

To participate in this campaign

You need to be:

A registered non-profit organization that doesn't own or have access to a Zoho Creator license.

You'll get:

Free access to the Zoho Creator "Express" license for a period of one year, as well as an array of resources to help you through your journey.

Let's make a difference, one step at a time

get started This campaign has ended as of 31st December 2017. You can still signup to our free trial here.
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Find answers to the most common questions.

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Is my non-profit eligible for this program?

You're eligible for this program if you're a registered non-profit in any country.

What is the duration of the campaign?

The campaign is open until 20, December, 2017 or until we've donated $10 million worth of subscriptions.

Who is not eligible to participate in this program?  | Who can't avail this offer?
  • Schools, Universities and academic institutions
  • Government entities
  • Health care institutions and hospitals
  • Organizations that already have access to a Zoho Creator subscription.
Which Zoho Creator license is applicable to this offer?

Participating non-profits can avail free access to the "Express" edition of Zoho Creator, which entitles you to 100 apps, unlimited users, and 250k records for one year from the date of signing up. This license is non-transferrable. Please refer our pricing page for more information.

How do I validate my organization as a non-profit?

You need to provide legitimate proof of registration, within 15 days of signing up. Our sales manger will contact you to validate your proof.

What happens if my proof isn't validated within 15 days?

We'll try our best to validate all non-profits within the timeframe. In case we need more time, you will be temporarily moved to Zoho Creator's free plan until we complete the validation process.

What happens at the end of one year?

Your free subscription ends in a year. After that you can continue using the product under the free plan or purchase another plan that suits your requirements. You are also eligible for a special non-profit discount of 10%.

Is this offer available for any other Zoho products?


I am an existing customer of Zoho Creator, can I avail this?


What are some of the common ways in which non-profits use Zoho Creator?

Non-profits have used Zoho Creator to manage donor databases, track and accept donations, organize campaigns, enable reporting and approvals. Here is an example on how the Center for Victims and Human Rights uses Zoho Creator to manage their business processes.

I dowloaded a template application. Can I customize it?

Absolutely. The template apps are fully customizable. You can use our gamut of Non-profit resources and product help to customize your application.

What happens to my data if I choose not to continue with Zoho Creator at the end of one year?

You can export your data as a spreadsheet, PDF, or as an html file. Here is more information.