ZML - Overview

ZML - An Overview

ZML or Zoho Markup Language is a simple markup language used to create pages in your Zoho Creator Appliction. Using ZML, you can build various elements of your page, create a display structure to arrange these elements on the page, add descriptive and logical properties to these elements, format the contents of these elements and more.

Write Your ZML Code

Use ZML code to create and define the way every component of you should look and behave.

Build custom components

Customize the appearance and the behaviour of each of your page components.

Create powerful pages

Arrange the custom components and build comprehensive pages to suit your needs.

Why do I use ZML?

The pages that you build on Zoho Creator run on various types of devices like browser, mobile phone or a tablet. While you access your application, each of these devices renders the application components in a device-compatible manner. This behaviour is called Nativity. 

Every element on your Zoho Creator page including panels, buttons, charts etc. adapts to the device it is viewed from. ZML helps you achieve this, saving your time from building the same component for different devices using different languages. 

How to get started?

Like any other markup language, ZML has tags. Each tag is used to define an element of the page. Tags have attributes that specify the element's appearance and behaviour. In the following pages, you will learn in detail the various tags and their attributes. 



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