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Send mobile notification on a form action

Zoho Creator automatically sends a mobile notification to your users when there is an action on a form.

As the application owner, you can configure mobile notifications by selecting the form action (either when a new record is created or when an existing record is edited), setting a criterion (that needs to be met for notifications to be sent), and selecting users (to whom notifications will be sent).

Users will receive the mobile notifications even if the mobile app is not actively being used, or the device is locked and irrespective of the app running in the background or not.

To configure a mobile notification action:

  1. Click the Add New Action block. The Add New Action window will slide in from the right.

  2. Zoho Creator will execute the action whenever there is an activity on the form. You can run the action for selected records by setting the criteria. Refer to the Set criteria page to learn more about setting criteria in a workflow.

  3. Choose the Notification action type.

  4. Select the Send Mobile Notification action from the action list.

  5. Set up the Mobile Notification.
    • Select Users based on Specify the users that you want to deliver mobile notifications to. Select Users list to choose shared users or select Input fields to choose from Form fields containing user information.

    • To - Based on your previous selection, this field allows you to select shared users or Form fields containing user information that mobile notifications will be delivered to.

    • Title - Specify a Title for your push notification, which will appear as a header for your message.

    • Message - Specify the content to be displayed in your notification.

    • View- Select the report for which the push notifications can be sent. In the above section, Form actions and Criteria are applied to the report selected here.

  6. Click Save.
  7. Click Done.

Your application user can choose the reports to receive mobile notifications from the Zoho Creator mobile app.

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