Configure workflow to run on a date field value

Configure schedule to run on a date field value

  1. Click the Add(+) icon in the header strip.

  2. Choose Workflow from the Create New Component window.

  3. Choose the On a scheduled date in the next window.

  4. Click the Choose a date field in the header.

  5. Select the form and the field that you want to run the schedule based on.
    • The Choose form drop-down lists all the forms in the application. 
    • The Choose field drop-down lists the date fields available on the selected form.

  6. Choose when you want to execute the workflow.

  7. Set the time for the schedule.
  8. Select the interval for the schedule.

  9. Choose the End Date Field. The drop down lists all the date fields in the form.

  10. Name the workflow and click Create Workflow.
  11. Click the Add New Action block.

  12. The Add New Action window will slide in from the right. Set the condition and choose the action type from here.

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