Create payment workflow

Create payment workflow

To create a payment workflow,

  1. Click the Add(+) icon on the header bar.


    • You can create a new workflow by clicking on the Add icon on the header bar or the Create Workflow button from the Workflow page.
  2. Select Workflow in the Create New Component window.
  3. Choose During payment process.

    You must add a payment connection with any one of our supported payment gateways before proceeding to create a payment workflow. This is a one-time process. Once you configure a payment gateway, the connection will be added to your Zoho Creator account. The added connection will be set as the default payment gateway for all the payment workflows that you configure in your application. If you want to view/modify the payment connections in your account, go to Account setup -> Extensions -> Connections. 


    • Payment gateway setup requires the details/credentials of the payment gateway that you must enter in the configuration page to authenticate and establish a connection with Zoho Creator. The details/credentials required will vary from one payment gateway to the other. Login to your payment gateway account to find the required information.

    On successful authentication, the connection will be established and the gateway details will be stored in your Zoho Creator account. You can proceed to create the payment workflow for your form.

  4. Click Configure to set up a payment gateway.
  5. Select the payment gateway that you want to configure the payment process. (For Example: I am selecting Paypal)
  6. Enter the gateway details such as country, the currency that you want to process the payment, email, and payment options. Click Submit
  7. Choose the form that you want to configure the payment.
  8. Select the field value from the form that contains the payment value. This value will be processed for payment when you proceed to pay.
  9. Set a name for the workflow.
  10. Specify the criteria based on which you want to execute the workflow.
  11. Click Create Workflow.

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