Create new deluge function

Create a new function using deluge script

To create a new deluge function:

  1. Click on Workflows to navigate to your Workflow Dashboard.
  2. Click Functions tab.
  3. Click NewFunction button. The create page will appear.
  4. Enter FunctionName. This serves as the identifier using which the function can be invoked. Specify a meaningful name for the function without any empty spaces.
  5. Select Deluge as Language for scripting the function.
  6. Add a Namespace. This serves to group multiple functions that are related under a common banner for ease of maintenance. If no namespace is specified, the function gets added to the Default namespace. Empty spaces and special characters, except underscore (_), are not permitted.
  7. Select a ReturnType. This determines the data type specifier of the data returned by the function. If no data is returned by the function, the return type must be specified as void.
  8. Specify the Arguments. Allow to pass parameters to the function when invoked. Each argument consists of a data type specifier followed by an identifier, like any regular variable declaration (for example: int a) The different parameters are separated by commas.
  9. Click CreateFunction button. The builder will appear.

Add required deluge scripts to the function. The function will get listed under Functions in the workflow dashboard.

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