Assign value to form object arguments

Assign value to form object arguments

Create a variable holding a single record or collection of records and pass the variable as a form object.

fet = Employees_Form[Joining_Date== '31-JAN-2018'];


thisapp.Send_Mail_Function(Employees_Form[Joining_Date == '31-JAN-2018']);


fetVariable holding collection of records which meet the given criteria
Employees_FormName of the form the records belong to.
Joining_DateField name in Form A
thisapp.<function_name>Syntax to pass form object to function. When the function belongs to the current application, use the syntax: thisapp.<function_name>. When the function belongs to a different application, use the syntax: <application_name>.<function_name>
Send_Mail_FunctionName of the function the form object is passed as an argument to.

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