Understand Zoho Desk integration

Understand Zoho Desk integration in form workflows

Zoho Desk integration task enables you to push data automatically from your Zoho Creator to Zoho Desk account, which would otherwise require manual execution. You can connect both services by mapping fields in your Zoho Creator form to the supported Zoho Desk module. The integration task can be executed to add a record in any of the supported modules in your Zoho Desk account.

Consider an Order Management application in Zoho Creator, where customers can report product-related complaints/queries. You can add a Zoho Desk integration task in your Creator form to create a request in the 'Request' module of your Zoho Desk account. This action will create a record in Zoho Desk with relevant details whenever the Creator form is submitted.

Apart from pushing data, you can perform more actions such as fetch and update records between services by defining a custom action in Zoho Creator.

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