Understand field availability

Understand field availability in form workflows

By default, all fields in the form are available for the users to add or modify data. The Disable Fields action lets you set conditions and disable selected fields to the user when the form loads or based on the value specified in another field.

The Enable Fields action allows you to selectively enable the disabled fields in your form. The disabled field cannot be edited until the enable rule condition evaluates to true. When the condition is true, the field is dynamically enabled and can be edited.  

Let us consider an Order form with the Expected Delivery Date field. You can use the Disable fields action to disable this field and show a default delivery date to the customer when the form loads. Assume, there is an option to opt for express delivery(condition). If the customer chooses this option, then the Expected Delivery Date field is enabled(Enable fields action) and the customer can choose from the available delivery dates.

Similarly, you can use disable/enable fields in various other workflows such as disabling the price field in an Order form, disabling the manager's email field in the leave request form, enabling the delivery address field for address change in Order details form and more. 

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