Configure Zoho Recruit integration

Configure Zoho Recruit integration in form workflow


  • You must create a new workflow before configuring the Zoho Recruit integration action. You may continue with the below steps if you have already created a new workflow or if you are adding this action to any of the existing workflows.
To configure the action,
  1. Click the Add New Action block. The Add New Action window will slide in from the right.

  2. Zoho Creator executes the action whenever there is an activity on the form. You can run the action for selected records by setting the criteria. Refer to the Set criteria page to learn more about setting criteria in a workflow.

  3. Select Integrations action type.

  4. Choose Zoho Recruit from the Service list.

  5. Select the Zoho Recruit module to which you want to push the data.

  6. Based on the selection made in the Module field, Zoho Creator lists the mandatory and other fields
    • Mandatory fields - These are the required fields in the chosen Zoho Recruit module that must be mapped to a corresponding field in Zoho Creator. The drop-down lists the fields on your Creator form. Select the required field.

      Note:   The mandatory fields vary based on the selected service and module.

    • Other fields - You can map fields in the chosen Zoho Recruit module to the fields in your Zoho Creator form. This is optional. Click Add icon to map more fields.

  7. Click Save Action.
  8. Click Done in the top-right corner of the screen.

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