Trigger custom process

Trigger custom process on a scheduled date and time

To configure a custom process:

  1. Click the Add New Action block.

  2. The Add New Action window will slide in from the right. Choose the Custom Process action type.

  3. Select the custom process to open the Deluge Script Builder. You can define a custom process to suit your requirement. Zoho Creator lists the Deluge tasks on the left side. Drag-and-drop the tasks or type the code and configure the action.

  4. Additionally, you can add functions to your workflow. The Functions drop-down in the top-right corner displays the list of functions that you have defined in your account. Click Create to define a new function.

  5. The Add New Function window will slide in from the right. You can define a function of your own and click Save Function.

  6. Click Save.

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