Understand approver

Understand approver in an approval process

The Approver is the authority to approve or deny a record on form submission. Based on the process requirement, the form can have one or multiple levels of approvals. Each approval level can contain one or more approvers. The approver type can be,

  • Users
    Users refer to application users. The application users are the individuals to whom the application has been shared. Assume the application has been shared with ten users. Zoho Creator enables you to set one or more users among them as approvers.
  • Role
    The approver can be set as a user associated with a specific role. The Select Approver field will list the default roles and the new roles created by you. Selecting a role enables all the users associated with the role to approve or deny the record. 
  • Field
    Field refers to the Users field in your form. All Users fields in your form will be listed as approvers. Selecting a specific field enables the users listed on the field to approve or deny the record.

The approver can be either approve or deny a record in the form. The actions associated with the approve or deny option will be executed accordingly.

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