Send SMS notification

Send SMS notification in approval workflow

You can configure send SMS action to trigger automatic SMS notifications on an approval/denial activity. In a leave approval process, the manager can send leave confirmation SMS to the employee on approval.

  1. You can add an SMS notification action in two ways. Mouse over of the default action.
    • Click Add icon to add an SMS notification along with the default action. (or)
    • Click Delete icon to delete the default action and add a new SMS notification.

  2. The Add New Action window slides in from the right.

  3. Select Notification action type.
  4. Choose the Send SMS action.
  5. You can use the default connection or add a new connection through any of the supported SMS service providers with whom you have an account.
  6. Specify the mobile number with the country code in the To field. You can also assign the mobile number values dynamically to the To field. The dropdown displays the single line, numeric and phone number fields in your form. Select the required field which contains the mobile number.
  7. Specify the SMS message in the Message field.
  8. Click Save Action to save the SMS notification.
  9. Click Done on the top-right corner of the screen.

Zoho Creator associates the SMS action in the approval process and executes it on an approval/denial process.

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