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Configure email notification in approval workflow

You can configure send email action to trigger automatic email notifications on an approval/denial activity.  

To create an email notification:

  1. Mouse over an action and click the Edit icon. The notification window will slide in from the right. The action type and the action is chosen by default.

  2. In the email section, select the sender's and receiver's email addresses from the From and To drop-down list. You can select a Zoho variable or an Approval variable from the list.

  3. Click Add Cc/Add Bcc to add more recipients for the email. Use commas to separate multiple email address.

  4. Specify the subject of the email.
  5. Enter the message in the Message field. You can insert Form field values dynamically to the Message field by selecting the required variable under Insert Fields of Message editor.

  6. Select the Include user submitted data check box to send the form data in the email message.
  7. If Include user submitted data is selected, Zoho Creator lists the available templates. You can select the required template and choose to send it as inline content or as PDF attachments.

  8. If you have not created any custom record templates, you can use the Default Template, which displays the form data in a simple table format.
  9. Choose Content Type.
  10. Click Save Action.

Zoho Creator associates the action in the approval process and executes it upon an approval/denial process.

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