Configure approval workflow settings

Configure approval workflow settings

In the Workflow Settings window, you can configure certain properties such as setting a name for the workflow, short description about what it does, setting the criteria, record lock, and recall request options.  

To access the workflow settings:  

Click the Workflow Settings icon on the header strip.

The Workflow Settings window will slide in from the right. You can configure the following fields in this window.

  • Form Name

    This field displays the form name and it is disabled by default.

  • Workflow Name

    This field lets you rename your workflow.

  • Workflow Description 

    Add a brief description about the workflow.

  • Run this process 

    The Run this process option is chosen as Always by default. This means the approval process is executed for every record added in the form. Alternatively, you can specify the which criteria the records should enter the approval process. The approval process will be applicable to the records that meet the criteria. To set the criteria, choose On Condition option.

    Set the criteria for records that you want to include in the approval process. For example, in an employee management application, you can set criteria to initiate the approval process for the records where the employee requests more than three days leave.

  • Lock record on submission 

    The Lock record on submission option is enabled by default. Once a user submits the record, Zoho Creator locks the record so that the user will not be able to edit the submitted record.

  • Allow submitters to recall requests

    The Allow submitters to recall approval requests option is disabled by default. When you enable this setting, the users can cancel the requests/records submitted for approval.

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