File Upload URL

The URL pattern for the file download is as follows:

“” + zoho.appuri + “viewLinkName/fieldDelugeName/download/” + fieldDelugeName
  • zoho.appuri is the zoho variable which will provide the application details in the format, /username/applicationName.
  • viewLinkName is the report’s link name where the uploaded file has been shown. (To know the report link name, click on Report Settings ->Summary from the edit mode of the report to get the Report link Name).
  • fieldDelugeName is the deluge name of the file upload field. Click here to learn more about the script name for a a field.

Let's consider an image to be uploaded in the file upload field. The URL pattern is constructed as below.

”<img width=’100′ src=’” + zoho.appuri + “viewLinkName/fieldDelugeName/download/” + fieldDelugeName + “‘/>”

If you are using private link, you have to provide the generated private key in the url. The generated private key is the last value in the Permalink. Refer to the below syntax for file download in a private link.

width=’100′ src=’” + zoho.appuri + “viewLinkName/fieldDelugeName/download/” + fieldDelugeName + “/<Private Key>’/>”

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