Invoke url


The Invoke url task is used to integrate your Zoho service with third party apps, through Connections. It supports four HTTP methods - GET/POST/PUT/DELETE and three Authentication types - BASIC/OAUTH1/OAUTH2. For example, if Twitter is the target third party app to connect with, create a Connection for Twitter and perform actions like searching, posting etc using the invoke url task.


response=invokeUrl[url: <url>type: <GET/POST/PUT/DELETE>parameters:                //optionalheaders:                   //optionalconnection:                //optionaluseraccess: <TRUE/FALSE>   //optional Default=false]


Params Description


Url specified in external services API to perform different actions. For example, to post a tweet, use the URL specified in Twitter API.


Is used to make specify any one of the HTTP methods.


To send params as form data (a param type) in request.


Headers, of map datatype, are used to specify request Header params. Also they act as an alternative to connections. If a user doesn't want to create connections, he can just use the headers to perform the integration.


Is used to make use of existing connections by providing the connection link name.

User Access

If true, the user can perform the integration in their account with their own credentials for the connection. If its false, the invoke url task will use the owner credentials to perform the integration.

Points to remember

You can create multiple connections for the same service

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