Integer and Decimal


The integer and decimal datatypes represent numbers. Integers can be positive whole numbers, negative whole numbers and 0. Integers have a minimum value of -2,147,483,648 and a maximum value of 2,147,483,647. A number with decimal will be treated as a decimal data type.


cnt = 0.0; // decimal variable
num = 123; // whole number will be treated as integer.

Negative values are supported in Zoho Creator. The "-" symbol represents a negative value.

Balance= - 100; // represents a negative value

Note: A numeric value divided by zero will throw an error

Built in functions

Functions that operate on numeric expressions are classified as Math and Trignometry functions. They include functions for returning the absolute value of a number, trignometric and logarithmic values and much more. For example, the round() function returns the number after rounding off to the specified number of digits. the max() function returns the maximum value in a set of two numeric values. Refer Built-in-functions - Integer and Decimal for the complete list of Math and Trignometry functions.

The toString() function returns a number to string. The toDecimal() function returns a decimal value from a given number/expression. Refer Built-in-functions - common for the complete list of common functions.

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