Deluge Data Types - Date


A "Date" data type represents a date value. A Date-Time datatype represents a time or date-time value. Date/Date-Time values are declared within single quote- ('). You can manipulate a date or date-time value using the Date Time Built-in-Functions (link ) supported by Deluge. To get the current date and time, use the Deluge Date Variables. (link)


Date_of_Birth='07-Apr-2000'; // date value
Appointment time = '03-Apr-2000 10:00:00'; //date-time value

The declared Date/Date-Time will be converted to the date and time zone format, as configured in the application settings page.

Date and Time defaults

The default Date-Time format will be dd-MMM-yyyy HH:mm:ss and the default Time zone will be PST.

Hour Format

12 hour or 24 hour format ( to check and add with examples)

Type Conversions

You can convert a date/date-time value to String type using the toString() function. Refer Built-in-functions - toString() to learn the behavior of toString() when applied to datetime value.

Built in functions

Functions that operate on Date/Date-Time expressions are classified as Date and Time functions. They include functions for returning the date value, minutes value, seconds value etc. For example, the getDay() function returns the date of the month for a given date, the days360() function returns the number of days between two given dates, the toDate() function converts a date string to date format.

Refer the topic Built-in-functions - Date and Time for the complete list of Date and Time functions.

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