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The "call function" deluge task invokes an existing user defined function. Functions can be invoked from the application currently in use or from any other application in the account.


thisapp.<functionName>(); // invoking a function from the application in use


<Application>.<functionName>(); // invoking a function from a different application


  • <functionName> - The name of the function to be invoked.
  • thisapp - Param to be used when the function exists in the application being used.
  • <Application> - Link name of the application, in which the function exists. This should be specified if the function exists in an application other than the one in use.


  1. The following function invokes the sendBdayCard() function, which is present in the same application.
  2. The following function invokes the sendBdayCard() function, which is present in a different application named "Employees".

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