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Text() function converts numerical values into any desired string format. It lets you specify the display format by using special format string values. This function is helpful when you want to display numbers in a more readable format, or you want to combine numbers with text or symbols. For example, you can choose to display 10.00 as $10.00 or display 10.5678 as 10.5


The syntax for Text() function is

Text(value, "<format>");

value(required) refers to a direct numeric value or a field containing numeric value that you want to convert.
format(required) refers to the format, enclosed in quotations, you wish to display for the numeric value.


  1. To display 10.00 as $10.00, add the following script:
  2. To customize the format of a field value, you can specify the field deluge name instead of its value. Lets say Rate is the name of a decimal field and you want to display it with a "per hour" suffix. To achieve this, you can add the following script:
    text(input.Rate,"0.00 per hour");

    input.Rate is the Deluge name for Rate field.

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