This topic describes the syntax and usage of the toTime function in Zoho Creator .


The toTime function converts a date-time value that is stored as text to a format that Zoho Creator recognizes as a datetime value. The function will parse the input text and convert it to the date-time format as specified in the application setting page. It will throw an error if it cannot convert the text to date-time.




The toTime function syntax has the following arguments

string - Required. A string that represents a date-time. For example, "Aug 21, 2013 16:04:37" is a text string within quotation marks that represents a date-time value .


In this example, the date format specified in the application settings page is dd-MMM-yyyy. Hence the text "05-20-13 16:04:37" is converted as 20-May-2013 16:04:37

str = "05-20-13 16:04:37";
dat1 = (str).toTime(); // returns 20-May-2013 16:04:37

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