Set timeline properties

Set timeline properties

Timeline properties in the report builder enable you to perform event and calendar configurations.

To perform event configuration:

  1. Navigate to the Design page.
  2. Hover on the preview of the report.​
  3. Click the Open Report Properties button.

  4. Select Timeline Properties.

  5. Select Event Title from the drop-down list. This title was specified when creating the report and can be edited here.
  6. Select Event Dates, which were also specified when creating the report. You can change these dates if required.​
  7. Click the Add New Rule button to apply formatting to the event.

There are two options while formatting:

  • All Records - This option applies the selected formatting to the field across records, regardless of the data entered in the field.
  • Selected Records - This option applies the formatting of the field value to the records that match your condition. To use this option, you need to set the criteria. You will be able to set more than one condition.

To apply formatting to all records:

  1. Click Add New Rule under Properties.
  2. Select a suitable template.
  3. Select All Records under the Apply this format for section.
  4. Enter the name of the rule in Name the format field.
  5. Click Save. The rule will be added.​
  6. Click Done to exit the builder.

To apply formating to selected records:

  1. Click Add New Rule under Properties.
  2. Click Custom.
  3. Determine the font and color.
  4. Select Selected Records under the Apply this format for section.
  5. Select the field that your rule will be applied to.
  6. Select the Operator for the condition.
  7. Enter the condition.
  8. Enter the name of the rule in the Name the format field.
  9. Click Save. The rule will be added.​
  10. Click Done to exit the report builder.

Upon accessing the application, you will find that this rule is applied to the records that match the criteria that you have created.

To perform calendar configuration:

  1. Select the day that your calendar starts on.
  2. Set the default date.
    • Relative default date: Set a default date using the options provided.
    • Absolute: Set that day's date as the default date.​

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