Understand offline records

Understand offline records in timeline report for phone

Having records offline in your phone helps you overcome certain difficulties that arise with lack of network connectivity. When you are on the move or in a place where network connectivity is absent, those records that are offline are available for viewing.

Let's assume that you have a report that is unlikely to change any time soon. You have a flight travel scheduled, which means there will be no network connectivity. But it is crucial that you complete some work and the work requires the data in the said report. Planning ahead of this travel, you can save the report. On selecting Save Offline, the report with the updates made up to the time of saving gets downloaded. Now you can select Go Offline to make the report available offline (the report theme turns black, indicating that it is offline). So when you are in your flight and start working, you can open your application in your phone or tablet and find the saved report in it. Selecting it displays all the records.

In a different scenario, you can use saved offline records when you have a poor or fluctuating network connectivity. Let's assume you are on a long tour and your daily appointments are maintained in a timeline report. When your are facing issues with connectivity, it becomes tedious to wade through the abundance of data. To avoid this, you can save the report offline, considering the records will not change. On saving offline, all the records are downloaded. Even if you are online, the particular report that has voluminous data is offline. When you access this report, the saved records are displayed instantaneously even while scrolling or swiping.

The offline records do not reflect the changes or updates that are made after saving them.

  • Go Online: To be able to view the changes, you can select Go Online. This enables you to check for updates, if any. But these updates do not reflect in your saved report.
  • Go Offline: If you select Go Offline again, the previously saved records will only be displayed.
  • Remove Offline: If you do not want to access the report offline any more, you can select Remove Offline. This will erase the saved or downloaded records.

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