Understand predefined custom filters

Understand predefined custom filters in spreadsheet report

Filtering is the act of drilling down to specific records, while omitting irrelevant records that are not required at the time of viewing. Quick filters already serve this purpose. However, custom filters go a step ahead, enabling you to be precise about the parameters with which the records can be filtered. These filters are predefined based on conditions that you decide are best suited to select records for displaying. The records that appear on selecting custom filters will match the condition that you have defined for them.

For instance, you have a sales management report that has information of targets achieved by the team members. You already have the team members and months as a quick filter. But you can have a custom filter that says Last 5 weeks records and Last 10 weeks records, allowing a certain level flexibility and precision.

Custom filters will be available when you access your report from browser, phone, or tablet. In the browser, these filters will appear as a seperate dropdown list. In phone and tablet, custom filters appear with the report title. Click the same will display the predefined filters which you can select and apply to your records.

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