Set name field

Set field name in a spreadsheet report

The field name in a report is the label that represents the fields values. It holds significance in the layout. In the tabular form of the quick view layout, the field names appear in the header row. The detail view layout carries the field name as a label for each value.

In the card type layouts, the field name does not appear in the quick view of the report. However, the detail view of each record carries the field names for the values.

To change the field name:

  1. Navigate to the Design page.
  2. Click the Quick View tab.
  3. Select the Fields section.
  4. Select the required layout. The field properties window will appear.
  5. Select the field that requires a name change.
  6. Click the T icon that denotes display name. The field name will appear.
  7. Change the name.
  8. Click Close to exit.

Any changes that you make will be saved automatically. After you are finished making the necessary changes, click Done to exit the builder.

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