Set map properties

Set map report properties

To set report properties of map:

  1. Navigate to the Design page
  2. Hover on the preview of the report
  3. Click the Open Report Properties button.
  4. Select Map Properties.
  5. Select the Field the report will be based on. This was specified when creating the report and can be edited here.
  6. Select the Location the report will be based on. There are two options: User location is the user's location, it varies user to user and Custom location is the predetermined location that you choose.​
  7. Pick the location on the map.
  8. Specify the Radius the map report will cover.
  9. Define the Map pin style.

Any changes that you make will be saved automatically. After you are finished making the necessary changes, click Done to exit the builder.

To customize map pin:

  1. Click the Add Custom Style button in the Map pin customization section. The Custom pin style window will appear.
  2. Click on Select icon option. The icons list will appear.
  3. Select the required icon.
  4. Click on the Select color option. The color palette will appear.
  5. Select the required color.
  6. Specify a condition if the custom style is applicable only to select records. Selecting All records will apply the style to all the records displayed in the report.
  7. Enter style name.
  8. Click Apply button. 

    The style is saved under the Map pin customization section.

You can add multiple map pin styles based on your requirement. However, when there are multiple pin styles with different conditions for the same set of records, there are chances that more than one condition is satisfied for the same record.

Let's assume you have created two custom pin styles, namely A and B, with conditions 1 and 2, respectively. You have created another pin style C that is applicable to all records in the report. In this case, if a record satisfies conditions 1 and 2, it can have pin style A and B, and naturally falls under pin style C because the style is invariably applicable to all records. To resolve the conflict, the recently added pin style B with a condition takes precedence over A (a pin style added formerly) and C (a pin style with no condition).

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