Manage fields

Manage fields in map report

Fields in reports refer to the fields in the forms. Field properties in the report builder enable you to define or redefine the behavior and traits of the fields and the data related to those fields. 

To navigate to report field properties:

  1. Navigate to the Design page.
  2. Hover on the preview of the report in the design page.
  3. Click Open Builder button.
  4. Select the Fields section. The fields will be listed and the field properties will appear in the right pane.
  5. Select a field and edit the properties (properties are specific to the field type). The changes will be saved automatically.
  6. Click Done to exit the report builder.

Participating fields

In the report builder, the fields feature browser, phone, and tablet icons. These icons denote which devices the field participates in. By default, the fields participate in all the devices. If you remove the field form the mobile layout, you will find that the phone icon is absent in the fields section of report builder.


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