Understand quick view layouts

Understand quick view layouts for list report

A layout is the structure that you assign to a report. It decides what part of the content goes where. It makes your application visually organized and comprehensible. The reports in Zoho Creator can be set in suitable layouts that best provides you with insights. It equips you with a certain level of ability to customize the way your records are organized in your report.

There are two views to a report: quick view and detail view. Both these views can be assigned with layouts that clearly present the data in that particular view. To have your report appear in a certain structure, you must determine the layout while building your application. The layout that you select is what reflects when you access the report. The fields and records are arranged in a manner that provides proper insights to the data collected.

Quick view layouts

Quick view of list report provides you with a few predefined layouts from which you can select an appropriate structure. The selected layout enables you to map the form fields to the appropriate positions, and also specify the alignment of the records in the report. For instance, if you have selected the tabular list report layout for an employee profile report in an employee management application, the field labels are in the header row and the records are listed in the subsequent rows. You can sort and group the records and hide and show columns.

The layout types can be largely classified into tabular and non-tabular. Tabular layout presents records in a table kind of format, with fields in the header row and their respective field values below. Non-tabular layouts facilitate concise, summaries of records, displaying selective field values in a card like pattern.

The following are the layouts available for list report designed for browser:

The report below is a tabular kind of list report layout with the field names in the first row and the records are in the rows below.

The report below is a non-tabular kind of list with just two field values displayed in the layout. This card layout has limited fields and the fields that you assign to the position have a hierarchy. For instance, the first field position permits field types like Name or Single line and not filed types like radio button or decision box.

This layout facilitates two different alignments for the field values.

Left aligned

Center aligned

The report below is a non-tabular layout that includes five fields values. This again enables two different alignments for the fields values.

Left aligned

Center aligned

The following layouts include image field and have different ways in which the image field and other fields are organized. Based on the placement of the image, the rest of the fields are distributed within the layout. The image can also assume a variety of shapes from the given options.

Image is placed on the left side and there are two field values

Image is place below the two field values

Image is on the left side and there are five field values

Image is on the right side and there are five field values

There are more such combinations for image field based layout.

The report below features a descriptive layout. In this layout, the field names and values of each record are displayed as pairs of label and related value, giving a detailed account of all records.

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