Understand predefined print template

Understand predefined print template in kanban report

A print template is a predefined template that can be applied to your report while printing. This template facilitates a structure exclusively applicable to the printed report, unmindful of the layout the report is set to. Along with the required fields and the respective field values, the print template allows headings, paragraphs, images, sections, and tables to be part of the printed report. The template is more of a record level layout than a report level layout. So, on selecting print, the preview displays the report with each record mirroring the template.

Let's assume that you have created a print template for a report that provides details of staff in a hospital. The report has details of the doctors, their department, their duty timings, the nurses, their duty timings, the help assistants, and their duty timings. You want to print the daily report which has the information on doctors available for the day, the department they belong to, and their duty timing, and this is to be made available for out patients who approach the front desk. Your template includes these fields and their values and a heading called Today's Schedule and the logo of the hospital. On selecting print, the template is applied to the individual records in the report.

This print template can be applied while printing from browser, phone, or tablet. It brings uniformity to the printed records without being affected by the device from which it is being printed. The layouts of a report may vary across devices, so printing the same records from different devices will yield varied results. Using print template helps you overcome this hurdle.

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